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Linda is a frequent author and has been featured in outlets including Forbes, HuffPost, Business Insider and more. She writes on topics related to women’s financial empowerment, family wealth planning, and offers financial advice for young people.

Press featuring Linda

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Note: All opinions expressed by Linda Davis Taylor are solely her opinions and do not necessarily reflect those of Clifford Swan Investment Counselors. You should not treat any opinion expressed by Ms. Taylor as a specific recommendation to make a particular investment. Ms. Taylors’s opinions are based upon information she considers reliable.

What they say about Linda

“For anyone that has given thought to building wealth that extends well beyond their own life, understands the importance of advocating for financial education throughout a family and the importance of involving all family members in the discussion, planning and execution of financial goals, The Business of Family: How to Stay Rich for Generations serves as an excellent guide. It is well written, organized and comprehensive in its approach. It provides enough detail without being overly long or too technical in its presentation.”

— RetirementSavvy – Read the full review

“Linda elegantly tackles two of the most emotional subjects in the world—family and money. The Business of Family is a valuable resource filled with engaging stories and actionable strategies that can help families find common ground and sustain their wealth for generations to come.”

— Hannah Shaw Grove, Founder of Private Wealth magazine and author of The Family Office: Advising the Financial Elite

“I like this book for a number of reasons. It’s written in a clear, concise and understandable approach. The advice is applicable to all types of family businesses. This book addresses a broad range of issues and could easily appeal to a much broader market than just family business owners. It could easily be used to manage the family without a business. It’s a great book that will serve any family as a guidebook to developing a stronger foundation when starting a family or building a family business.”

— Blogcritics – Read the full review

“Practical, thoughtful advice for families interested in a purposeful approach for maintaining and growing wealth. Filled with memorable anecdotes and useful references, the book identifies behavioral biases that can have significant, negative impacts on relationships and on wealth. The book is a model of how to think systematically about the interaction of business and family.”

— Janet Kiholm Smith, Von Tobel Professor of Economics, Claremont McKenna College

“The thoughtful guidance provided in The Business of Family is nothing short of indispensable for those who desire to successfully transition their wealth and, as importantly, their values to children and grandchildren. A very important tool for professionals wanting to offer practical and meaningful advice to the families they serve.”

— Richard H. Patterson, Jr., CEO, San Pasqual Fiduciary Trust Company

“Provides superb strategies to families seeking to instill appreciation for their resources and to ensure that succeeding generations will manage those resources wisely. I found her suggestions for creating a sense of philanthropic responsibility particularly engaging. This is a sophisticated plan for promoting multi-generational fiscal responsibility, philanthropic inclination and family harmony.”

— Scott H. Bice, Robert C. and Nanette P. Packard Professor of Law, University of Southern California

“The Business of Family is an easy-to-read primer on how to put ‘family first’ through communication and commitment. Linda Davis Taylor writes, ‘Money can either unite or divide us. The money doesn’t decide. We do.’ Linda guides the reader in using business principles to keep the family—and its values—intact.”

— Carol A. Johnston, Partner in Trusts and Estates at Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP

“Linda Davis Taylor shows you how to blend business experience, strategic planning, conflict resolution, and investment advice into a package that will take your family assets to the next generation and beyond. A longtime investment and family adviser, Taylor offers practical advice and wisdom on how to manage the wealth and well-being of our families. A ‘must’ read for every family with enough money to pass some on to the next generation.”

— John Barkai, Professor of Law and Director of Clinical Programs, University of Hawaii Law School