Linda Davis Taylor is the CEO and Chairman of Clifford Swan Investment Counselors in Pasadena, California, and a champion for women’s economic independence and strength. She is a frequent speaker on wealth transition, family governance, and philanthropy. Linda wrote ‘The Business of Family’ with an objective to educate families on multi-generational financial sustainability, and the power to affect change that comes with wealth.


The Financial Toolkit


A five-step toolkit for young women who want to embrace the power of money and grow their social impact using financial tools.



Linda’s thought leadership has been featured in SELF Magazine, Thrive Global, Forbes, Bloomberg, Business Insider, and more.



From keynotes to television appearances, Linda is a seasoned speaker who has experience addressing students and experts alike.

“Linda elegantly tackles two of the most emotional subjects in the world—family and money. The Business of Family is a valuable resource filled with engaging stories and actionable strategies that can help families find common ground and sustain their wealth for generations to come.”